About Jupiter Soaps

The company was formed by me, Richard Langham, after leaving EMI Records, at Abbey Road Recording Studios where I was, for many years a recording engineer, starting way back with The Beatles, working with them on their first recordings and on their early L.P.`s. Also with Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Rosemary Squires, Paul McCartney, John and Yoko, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Noel Coward, Shirley Bassey, Ella Fitzgerald, Sir Malcolm Sargent, Riccardo Muti, and many others.

I set up this company in 1999 for the sole purpose of importing back into the United Kingdom, Europe and North America the 85g Toilet version of Red Lifebuoy Soap. This continued up to 2019 when Unilever delisted this version of Lifebuoy soap, although due to EU regulations, carbolic acid, phenol and cresols (they are all the same) was required to be removed from Toilet Soap, shampoos, shower gels, body washes etc etc. Lifebuoy Soap hasn’t been a carbolic soap for over 10 years. There is no Carbolic Lifebuoy Soap made anywhere in the world now.

Many people loved the healthy aroma of the Carbolic Lifebuoy Soap and were sad at its passing. This prompted me to launch my own Carbolic Soap, this I have now done and called it Redbouy carbolic household soap, this has the wonderful healthy clean aroma many customers associate with their mothers and grandmothers house. You can see all the details about this soap on this website. I also started to import the Vinolia Luxury Bath Soap 170g bars and then introduced the 25g convenience size bars of the Vinolia. The Vinolia was supplied to First Class passengers only onboard the RMS Titanic Although now due to its connection with the RMS Titanic I call it the Vinolia-Titanic Luxury Bath Soap. It has an exquisite fragrance and is very popular. I also make this soap available to the Titanic Museum and gift shop in Belfast. Other favourite soaps are the Pears Traditional Transparent Soap. The Pears Oil clear soap with lemon flower extract and the Pears Transparent Soap with mint extract.
Sunlight Household Soap is always a favourite as well as TCP Soap which helps with those bites and scratches etc. Many of my customers find these soaps a refreshing alternative to today’s strongly perfumed soaps.

After the removal of Fairy Household Soap and Fairy Toilet Soaps from the UK market many customers, retail and wholesale, approached me for a Mild Green Household Soap, so I then acquired the Falcon brand name, soap moulds and the exact ingredients used previously to manufacture both the Falcon Carbolic Household Soap and the Falcon Mild Green Household Soap and these are now available. And for our green credentials, these now come in recyclable boxes instead of plastic wrapping.

To complete our range, we have a Carbolic selection of large Soap Blocks, in both a 450g and 900g versions. These really are the “big boys” of cleaning soaps.

Lifebuoy Soap History

In 1894 Lever Brothers, in their giant soap factory at Port Sunlight, across the river from Liverpool in England, launched a new soap called Lifebuoy This was the Household version which was a red carbolic soap and was introduced as an affordable product aimed at personal hygiene. By 1911 overseas production had spread to the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Germany and elsewhere.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland The Household Lifebuoy soap was the only version available until 1933 when the Red Lifebuoy toilet bar was introduced, whereas the Household Lifebuoy was for washing clothes, floors and all the normal household duties, the Red (or smaller) bars were for personal use for the whole body in the bathroom. At this time and up to 30 or so years ago, there was probably a bar of Lifebuoy soap in every house in the UK and Ireland.

Both Lifebuoy's were manufactured side by side in the UK until in 1987 when the production of the smaller Lifebuoy soap was discontinued and the soap was withdrawn from sale in the UK.

The twin packs of Lifebuoy Household Soap continued to be sold in the UK until 1999 when this was withdrawn from the market.

Production of the smaller Red Lifebuoy Soap 85g size was transferred to Unilever PMT factory in Cyprus where it was produced up to 2013 when production of both the Lifebuoy Soap and the Vinolia-Titanic Luxury Bath soap was transferred to Unilever Greece. In 2017 both soaps were delisted by Unilever and are now not produced. Jupiter Soaps Ltd. still has a supply of the Vinolia-Titanic Luxury Bath soap 170g and the 25g sizes.

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