Our Products Falcon Mild Green Household Soap (Twin Pack) 2 x 125g

Falcon Mild Green Household Soap (Twin Pack) 2 x 125g

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Full Factory Case: 18 Twin Packs (36 x 125g)
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Jupiter Soaps Ltd. has acquired the Falcon brand name and soap tools from Kays of Ramsbottom. This is a Mild Green Household Soap which comes in a twin pack of 2 x 125g bars. To help the environment we now pack them in cardboard boxes instead of plastic wrapping.

Since all Fairy Green Soaps were discontinued, this soap has become more popular than ever.

They are quality traditional bars of scented soap and are exactly the same as when Kays were producing them.

Excellent for pre-wash, removing dirt and stains on laundry as well as washing hands after jobs around the home or garden it leaves a pleasant lemon aroma.

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