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Lifebuoy Poster

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42cm x 29.7cm (A3 Size)
Please contact us for bespoke quantities
Wholesale Only

We are offering this iconic poster advertising Lifebuoy Soap.

We used to sell this poster framed however due to the risk of trusting freight companies to deliver them safely we have decided to ship the poster to customers and let them decide which frame would be preferred.

We will supply information as to the best way to have the poster framed with your framer, like having it cold mounted to prevent any risk of wrinkles appearing.

If you would like a price for the poster delivered to you framed, we do have access to a company that specialises in this kind of delivery. Please enquire for prices.

We offer this poster in 1 size: A3 size, 43cm x 31 cm (17 inches x 12 inches)

The poster is printed on High-Quality 180g gloss paper. This poster looks extremely good framed.

We would like to thank our customers and inform them that we no longer supply a mail-order service to private retail customers.

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